#PutPeopleFirst 第25回国際エイズ会議(AIDS2024)公式キャンペーン


#PutPeopleFirst 第25回国際エイズ会議(AIDS2024)公式・社会キャンペーン


人を中心に! この動きに加わってください
ハッシュタグ #PutPeopleFirst を使って、あなたの考えや写真、ビデオを発信してください。ストーリーを共有して、友人や同僚、クライアント、サービスプロバイダー、パートナー組織にもこの運動への参加を促すことができます。

#PutPeopleFirst - the official social campaign of AIDS 2024
AIDS 2024 will call on the global response to unite behind a simple principle: Put people first!
In the lead up to the conference, we are mobilizing a groundswell of support to help champion this principle.
Join the call to put people first
We invite all individuals and organizations within the HIV community - those living with it, affected by it or working in the field - to join thousands of stakeholders around the world in telling your story of the personal or professional impact of putting people first.
Share your thoughts, photos or video testimonials using the hashtag, #PutPeopleFirst, and inspire your friends, colleagues, clients, service providers and partner organizations to join this movement by sharing their own stories.
Together, let's build a more compassionate, inclusive and innovative HIV response that promotes well-being for all, regardless of age, region or population.